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I'm Michaƫl Hoste, a Ruby on Rails & CoffeeScript developer from 80LIMIT, a Belgium-based company.

I create games on my spare time, and this is the step by step development of a Web version of XMoto. I hope it will be useful to other developers interested in developing a small 2D game using a physics engine like Box2D.

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COVID-XMoto (Update March 2022)

Many years after this project was shelved, and out of nowhere, James Fator decided to fork this project to make a heavily modified version of XMoto.js, dedicated to the somewhat strange years of the COVID virus.

The COVID-19 confirmed cases timeseries has become a mountain of flags which you must climb with your motorcycle! Can you win the race for the cure?


The COVID-XMoto fork can be found here.

Thanks again to James Fator for this nice project! I'm always happy to see that open-sourcing side projects can lead to unexpected things šŸ™‚